Events is a brand new addition to the akiko offer, we've had many successful events over the past trial month and thought we'd let you know about it!  We think you'll love this idea....quite a lot!

We can now offer you the opportunity to host a unique shopping event, brought to you with fantastic benefits such as discounts and commission for the host!  Or we can offer a generous donation for your chosen charity.  

Whether it’s at your home, your work, a day time tea party or a venue of your choice. . . We bring a wonderful range of our goodies and you bring the party!!  Its the perfect excuse to bring together some friends, and its puts the fun and style back in to shopping for you and your guests.  

Events can be held locally in Leicestershire on any evening and during the day on weekends.


When booking you will be asked about the event and your interests so that we can tailor the Event to suit you and your guests. 

To book your event or find out more. . . get in touch!